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Welcome to the web site for Ingatestone and Fryerning Tennis Club

Do you or your family & friends want to learn to play tennis, or come back to the game? Then come and join us at Ingatestone & Fryerning Tennis Club (I&FTC).  I&FTC is a friendly, inclusive, relaxed club in the heart of Ingatestone, with three hard courts located at the rear of the Community Club. We offer:

* Inclusive membership for players of any age and standard


* Coaching under the supervision of our Head Coach Nick Hilder


* Social play at weekends and on summer evenings


* Visitors welcome


* Annual knock-out tournament


* Monthly fun American tournaments


* Teams playing in local leagues (see Playing / League Matches)


* Social and fundraising events


* Very reasonable membership rates (see Membership Zone) 


* Join our Facebook Group!


* See "News" page, for calendar of events and details of recent activity


Winter league 2018/19 - Recent and forthcoming matches:

7th October - mixed win 5-3 home to Thurrock II

15th October - mixed lose 1-7 away to Brentwood Lawn I

24th October - men lose 1-7 away to Hutton & S IV

4th November - men lose 2-6 away to Thurrock

15th November - men lose 3-5 away to Old Brentwoods I

19th November - men lose 0-8 away to Danbury III

23rd November - men lose 2-6 away to Wickford II

19th December - men lose 0-8 away to Blackmore I

8th January - men lose 1-7 home (away) to Old Brentwoods I

13th January - mixed draw 4-4 away to Thurrock II

19th January - men lose 3-5 home to Wickford II

2nd February - men draw 4-4 home to Grove III

5th February - mixed lose 3-5 home (away) to Old Brentwoods I

11th February - mixed win 7-1 away to Hutton & S IV

18th February - mixed lose 0-8 away to Hamptons II

25th February - mixed win 6-2 away to Old Brentwoods I

2nd March - mixed win 6-2 home to Grove III

9th March - mixed draw 4-4 home to Hutton & S IV

11th March - mixed win 7-1 away to Grove III

16th March - mixed 5-3 home to Brentwood Lawn I

28th March - men home (away) to Hutton & S IV

30th March - mixed home to Hamptons II

4th April - men home (away) to Blackmore I

11th April - men away to Grove III

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