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Club Tournaments

I&FTC holds an annual members’ knockout championship.  Entries are invited by the end of May and matches are played between June and the end of August / early September.


For the main doubles events a draw for partners takes place, to try and ensure that relatively experienced players or relatively inexperienced players do not partner each other, although this is not an exact science.


There are 8 main events;

Under 14 & Under 18 Singles, Men’s & Women’s Singles, Men’s & Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, 50+ Mixed Doubles.


The Finals are typically held on the second weekend of September. Details of previous years’ results can be found below and in our history under "About Us".  See also Match Secretary's Reports to be found under "League Matches".


Since records began, the most successful singles champions have been Deirdre Kemble and Helen Spencer with 6 titles each.  Most doubles titles have been achieved by John Bright with 19.  Full records can be found in the statistical history under "About Us".


The 2017 Finals took place on 10th September, details from the link below:

2014 results 2013 results 2012 results 2011 results 2010 results 2015 results 2016 results 2017 results

The Singles Ladder - 2017

The ladder has been re-launched in September 2017, with a random draw.  See attached for the ladder positions, which will be updated on notification of each result.

2017/18 ladder Ladder rules