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Social Play

.Specific social play sessions take place, and members and visitors are invited to come along and mix in.  


The main times for social tennis are:


  • Saturdays from 1pm.


  • Sundays from around 2pm (timings may vary depending on the time of year / hours of daylight)


  • Tuesday evenings, usually from April to August with a typical start time of 6:30 / 7:00 pm.  Again, timings may be adjusted to maximise the available daylight.



At social play times, doubles always takes priority over singles.  At busy periods, there is a general rule that people play a maximum of 7 games, although this may sometimes be modified to 5 games.


(Note to social players - there are some 16 slots, mainly in mornings from late April to late July, when AES are using the courts - check the dates on the calendar to avoid disappointment).