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The courts are open throughout the year, weather permitting. Priority for use of the courts is given to league matches, coaching and Club tournaments and events. Court 3 (nearest the car park) usually remains available for social play, except for a few men's Chelmsford League matches in summer.  Some midweek daytimes in summer the courts are used by the local school.

Check the calendar (Under "News") for information on when courts might be in use for various events.



We welcome visitors, particularly new players who want to get to know us while considering becoming members.


Senior members may introduce a guest, for a fee of £3 per person.  Junior members may introduce a guest, but only when this is approved by a senior member.  The name of the guest and the member who is introducing them must be entered in the Visitors’ Book and the fee put in the box or given to a Committee member.  Alternatively, details of and payment for guests can be entered via the clubspark court booking system at a rate of £1.50 per half-hour slot.  

Guests may usually only be invited a maximum of three times in any calendar year