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League Matches

I&FTC currently participates in a number of local tennis leagues. 

Brentwood and District LTA

Chelmsford & District LTF  - The league was cancelled in 2020 due to coronavirus, but is due to take place in 2021 in a shortened format - details in link to the right.

Stock Floodlit Winter League - IFTC did not enter in 2020/21, but season was aborted due to covid

A summer league, in which we had been participating continuously from 2002 to 2014.

Ingatestone men won Division 5 in 2002, Division 4 in 2003, Division 3 in 2005 & Division 4 in 2011.

After a year's sabbatical in 2015, we re-entered a men's team in 2016 - they finish in a good 4th place.  In 2017 they won Division 6 and were promoted with 44 points to spare - gaining 14 wins out of 14, and a record points total of 100.5.  This is only the second time an Ingy team have won every match in a season.  In 2018 they finished 3rd in Division 5 & were again promoted.  However, with some key players absent they withdrew from this league for the 2019 season, in order to focus on the CDLTF competition.

The BDLTA website can be found via the link on the right:

Brentwood League

A summer league, in which we have been participating continuously since 2008.

Ingatestone mixed team won Division 4 in 2008 and Division 3 in 2013.  The men joined the league in 2015 and won Division 4 in 2016 and were promoted.  In 2017 they were promoted again, up to Division 2, after winning 9 matches out of 10.  In 2018 they achieved an excellent 3rd place in a very tough Div 2.  In 2019 they secured the 2nd promotion place and reached Division 1 for the first time ever.

Final match details and league tables for 2019 are available via the links to the right.

Most matches are played on midweek evenings between April and September, but at times a few are arranged for weekends.

The main league website can also be found via the link to the right.  The link bottom right (matches & results) covers earlier years.

Chelmsford League

A winter midweek evening floodlit league, in which we had been participating since 2009/10. Despite the title of the league, as we currently lack permanent floodlighting we play a majority of our home matches at weekends in the daytime.  However, where opponents are unable to play at weekends we play our home matches “away”, this being a condition of our inclusion in the league.


Ingatestone men won Division 7 in 9/10, Division 6 in 11/12, Division 5 in 12/13, Division 4 in 13/14 and Division 6 in 16/17.  In 17/18 they gained promotion from Division 5, after finishing 3rd.

Ingatestone mixed team won Division 5 in 10/11, 12/13 and 15/16.

Ingatestone women claimed the Division 5 title in 15/16.

In 18/19, our mixed team finished in a strong 4th place;  our men were 6th., narrowly avoiding relegation.

Latest results & tables for 19/20 can be found above right.

Tables & results for 18/19 & earlier years can be found via the link below right: Matches & Results.


And the main league website can be found by clicking the link:

Stock League

Chelmsford Junior Tennis

We entered a team in this local summer league in 2007, and then continuously from 2009 up until 2014.

County Competitions

In some years we have taken part in the Essex LTA county-wide senior & veterans’ leagues & cup competitions.  Our most recent appearance was in 2009.


A summary of our season-by-season performances in all leagues can be found under "History".

The link to the right provides full details of matches in recent seasons:

The buttons below enable you to download the Match Secretary's reports on league, tournament & social play for recent seasons.

Matches & Results 2013 Report 2012 Report 2011 Report 2014 Report

For 2015 there was a new competition - a midweek daytime league for players of a "certain age".

We entered the mixed event, and achieved a win, a draw and two defeats.

We entered again in 2016, winning the title by 4 points.

In 2017 we added a women's team to our mixed team.  The mixed team finished 3rd, 3 points behind the winners, but the women's team were bottom.

In 2018 our mixed team won the title, for the 2nd time in 4 years, achieving a league record points total.  In 2019 we were champions again.  Details via links above.

Chelmsford & District LTF Seniors' League - cancelled for 2020, back for 2021

Previous leagues in which we have participated:

2015 Report 2016 Report

LTA Team  Tennis

We entered a mini-tennis and a men's team in this LTA event for 2017.  In 2018 we had 8 & under, 9 & under and men's teams.

C& D tables 2017 Report 2018 Report Summer 2019 fixtures 2019 league tables 2019/20 matches

Junior LTA National League - Winter 2019/20

We entered 4 teams in this new competition.  Details above, under 2019/20 matches.

2019/20 league tables 2019 Report 2021 matches 2021 league tables